Tiny Habits Recipes

It is the time of year when we all set our resolutions. How does on set up one’s habits, so they serve and support you? I believe in crafting, starting tiny and building into a more sacred practice… routines & rituals. I use 2 different acronyms i.e. DREAMS and MIRACLES to cover more or less the same fundamental habits that make up for a healthy lifestyle that supports us in all areas of our lives.

These definitely create a firm foundation whether for a weight loss or staying healthy and fit!

Here is an example of some of my habits. I am honing these habits for January and will focus on a a particular set of habits monthly. Yes, I do have additional habits I am checking in at the same time!

My Tiny Habit Recipes

Living Your DREAMS Check-In

(this is an email I send myself)

Please feel free to make any revisions and corrections as we go along.

GOAL: Life Purpose Choice: 

Diet Like a Hero, I am creating a strong mind, shaping my character as I shape my body. I am teaching myself healthy eating, creating a strong well defined, lean and muscular body. I love training like an athlete. I am turning myself into an athlete with a Champion’s mind. I intend to be creative and express my creativity, own up to my individuality, make my own choices…. Help me make the most of freedom and of pleasure. I am showing myself how deep love can be. It’s also about healing and cleaning up my bloodlines, creating a new legacy as I go along. I make me great. I intend to prove the exception. My relationship with myself is of utmost importance. I am pledging to do this the self-authored way. The bedrock value I am living is self-obligation. 

Date: Friday, 10 January 2020

D = Drinking Water

3-2-Thrive Did you get to your habit?  and Do you intend to do it tomorrow?
After I have had my coffee I will drink a glass of water.    
After I enter the kitchen,  I will walk to the tap and drink some water.
After I have eaten breakfast I will drink a cup of tea

*Take a moment to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.


R = Rest & Reflection

3-2-Thrive Did you get to your habit?  and Do you intend to do it tomorrow?
After I put my feet on the floor (as I get out of bed) I will say: “It’s a new day!”    
After I put my head on the pillow I will take a moment to feel good about my efforts towards my goals…TaDa!
After I have done my bedtime TaDa (self-appraisal) I will set the intention: “I will wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to thrive”.

*Take a moment to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.


E = Eat Mindfully

3-2-Thrive Did you get to your habit?  and Do you intend to do it tomorrow?
After I sit down to eat? I will take 3 deep breaths    
After I have taken my last bite I will chew completely before getting up
After I have chewed my last bite completely I will say: “and I am letting it be enough. Thank you for nourishing to flourish!”

*Take a moment to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.


Affirm & Breathe

3-2-Thrive Did you get to your habit?  and Do you intend to do it tomorrow?
After I sit down on the couch I will affirm “I am relaxing my shoulders” as I breathe    
After I have done my after dinner stretch, as I am getting up off the floor I will affirm and breathe: “Yes”
After I sit down for breakfast I will think: “ Thank you for bringing trust to the table” and breathe.

*Take a moment to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.



3-2-Thrive Did you get to your habit?  and Do you intend to do it tomorrow?
After I notice an opportunity to walk I will go walking    
After I use the toilet I will do 2 squats
After I get off the scale I will do a victory dance
Extra Credit!
After I have taken my dinner plate to the kitchen I will sit on the floor and stretch for 10 seconds

*Take a moment to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.


Story Up (Self-talk, Self-image)

3-2-Thrive Did you get to your habit?  and Do you intend to do it tomorrow?
After I look in the mirror I will say: “I’m a hero!”    
After I notice the inner critic I will remind myself: “Let go of judgment”.
After I stand in front of the scale I will say: “Bad, Indifferent, Good… I am still saying “Yes!”

*Take a moment to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.


Client’s Reflections

That’s it for today, you can write any questions and reflections here. (this can count as a credit or extra credit for Rest & Reflection ‘Y and Y’!)



Coach’s Planning, Questions & Ideas:

  • What do you do /what might you do to take pause to give yourself a moment of celebration or feeling of accomplishment?. Is there something you say to yourself, or do you do a victory sign, or imagine someone who supports you giving a victory sign?


  • If you find a recipe isn’t working, adjust the anchor or change the new behavior (for example, make it simpler). Revision is part of the process!


Stay strong! Stay Hungry! Hustle Hard! Go the distance!




MIRACLE Challenge Day 30

The Miracle Questing Process

Today is the 30th, and final day of this 30 Day April Miracle Routine & Rituals Challenge. I have introduced the MIRACLE acronym I created that presents the fundamental habits that transform one into a person who can achieve success in all areas of your life. I also shared the Miracle Questing Process, another brainchild of mine, using examples from my everyday life, in the immediacy of my experiences.


Over the weeks, I offered the simple strategy called DREAMS… that I started using in a more direct, upgraded way since January 2015, that helped me lose at least 18 kilos in that many months. Using it in combination with MIRACLES  and my Miracle Questing Process, I have lost 10 kilograms between 19 February 2019 to Date (30 April 2019). I am astounded by the results and continue to experiment and refine the process so I can share it more and more with others.

A day in the life of living your DREAMs...
A day in the life of living your DREAMs…

You can use DREAMS as I did and get phenomenal results. Start with one habit per fundamental e.g. D= drink water, which is about hydrating your body. Set a goal and continue to make progress over time. At some point, you will build up to a 3-2-Thrive per fundamental. The system is simply and it is easy to do mental check-in’s over the course of a day. Saying something as simple as: “I drank water” is remarkably self validating and encouraging.

A simplified DREAMS tracker looks like this:

Simplified Bullet Journal DREAMS
Simplified Bullet Journal DREAMS

That brings me to Miracle Questing.

Step 8 : Renew Your PLEDGE Daily

Twice a day at least, actually. Craft a pledge per goal, means you will have more than one pledge. I put living my Dreams in one pledge as what I am prepared to give to earn my victory (specific weight loss, fitness etc.). I now have an additional pledge regarding writing a book, and pledges for shorter term goals.

Step 8: Renew Your Pledge
Step 8: Renew Your Pledge

Yesterday, I covered this step, regarding renewing your pledge, reading it aloud first thing and last thing. Since posting, I have made some adjustments in the steps, in terms of listing each step in finer details, separating some of the steps that were grouped together. This detail makes the steps more accessible, allows you to give yourself credit for each effort, and brings clarity.

Step 9: Plot Your Progress & Process

Step 9: Plot your Progress & Process
Step 9: Plot your Progress & Process

You need to monitor to manage to manifest!

  1. Decide on A schedule and schedule it in at regular intervals.
  2. Design your own check-ins, daily, weekly, monthly…and ???
  3. Determine what’s important to you and what you will look at.
  4. Craft questions that are fun and you can look forward to asking. Use Intentional & AFFIRMATIVE INQUIRY*.
  5. The BEST PLANS have To Do LISTS that also serve as TA DA Success Lists!
  6. Keep LOGS where it is useful e.g. a Daily Food Log.

Examples of Intentional and Affirmative Inquiry are as follows:

Daily Check-ins and Appraisal
Daily Check-ins and Appraisal
  • e.g What went well?
  • What did I learn?
  • What do I look forward to?
  • How did I make myself proud?
  • What gives me pleasure?

and finally

Step 10: Pump Up and Party Up!

Step 10: Pump Up & Party Up
Step 10: Pump Up & Party Up

When you review your progress and process, you will be able to make decisions on how to best renew your habits so as to keep them fresh, meaningful and relevant to where you are. You get to refine your process, personalising it and making it your own.

Celebration is key, on a daily basis and upon your weekly and monthly and other check ins. It’s very easy to get caught up in the grind and overlook this crucial step. In earlier posts, I’ve suggested doing a victory dance, victory pump, throwing a Mind Party, and simply chanting: “Well done, Congratulations, Thank You!”

You decide, it’s your Party, you can cheer if you want to!

I wish you prosperous and joyful miracle questing. My parting words, from my heart to yours, a ceremonial and warm:

“Well done, Congratulations, Thank You!”

MIRACLE Challenge Day 29

The Miracle Questing Process

What you have done over the past few days of this step by step process is:

  1. Pick a Project
  2. Prompt Wonder
  3. Prime Miracle Consciousness
  4. Picture the Possibility
  5. Prepare to Receive
  6. Pause to Plan

before moving to Step 7, Pledge & Play it Forward, I would like to look at crafting some statements of intention and affirmation around your Plan. This will form the basis of your Pledge.


You must always plan for victory not for failure. The miracle referenced question helps you paint a clear picture of what your miracle i.e. victory and wins look like. It helps you PUT YOURSELF IN THE PICTURE. You get to create a rich, robust, vivid and vibrant picture and really vibe with your victory!

Here is the Victory Plan I created when I decided, in 2015, I wanted to lose 1kg per month for 18 months. I used the same plan to thrive at the weight achieved and did so for 2 years. When life got chaotic, I stopped working parts of my plan… and so my plan didn’t quite work for me, causing me to put on 3 kilos or so. Lesson learned and I decided to reinvest in living my dream life. Since 19 February 2019, to date (28 April 2019), I have lost 9.5 kilograms and am thriving!

As I work my DREAMS... my DREAMS... work for me!
As I work my DREAMS… my DREAMS… work for me!

As I work my DREAMS…my DREAMS… work for me!

Living Your DREAMS… Victory Plan

A Day in your Life LIVING YOUR DREAMS...
A Day in your Life LIVING YOUR DREAMS…

Here, in this detailed, yet simple victory plan, you can see you have plenty of freedom to choose 3 simple habits per dream group/category and how they come together to create a miracle and dream lifestyle. There is room to grow as you integrate new transformation into your identity. There is flexibility and room for growth. You get to decide on the details of your exceptional efforts. Remember, exceptional is what is new, different and challenging for you – no social comparison, no judgment! Be humble and hustle hard!

Step 7: PLEDGE & PLAY your Plan Forward

I trust that the example of a dreams… plan above, gives you an idea of the details, one might include in a clear, concrete, concise and commitment based plan that is congruent to your purpose and intentions. In Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill focuses on money as the plan and pledge play. Here is what he has to say in step 5 of his process:

Step 5 Think & Grow Rich Success Master Plan
Step 5 Think & Grow Rich Success Master Plan

WRITE a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire, name the time limit for its acquisition, state what you intend to give in return for the money, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulate it.

~Napoleon Hill

I would like to draw your attention to the focus on your commitment, SPECIFY what you INTEND TO GIVE, for what you want. This is in terms of pledging focus, fortitude, faith, exceptional efforts and the intention to say “YES”, NO MATTER WHAT. In spite of anything that happens, no guarantees, others disagreeing, new challenges, it feeling more difficult than you expected, results not forthcoming as fast and big as you want, etc. etc. etc. Your heroic declaration and pledge is that:

In spite of everything, I still have a dream and I still intend living my DREAMS…

This clear, concise statement detailing your intentions and commitments is your pledge… the one you will read, every day, first thing when you wake up and last thing when you go to bed at night.

If your focus is weight loss, it is about how much weight you intend losing, by when and what your efforts are… in my case it was my Living my DREAMS… efforts. In my pledge, I can state it as:

I, …..(NAME)…., intend to manifest this victory, I will lose 18 kilos in 18 months, approximately 1 kilo or more per month to fit into these victory pants by July 2016. In FAIR EXCHANGE, I pledge to direct my focus, own up to my fortitude, feed my faith and bring Exceptional Effort every single day as I LIVE MY DREAMS… I pledge to show up and follow up, every single day, without exception, no matter what.

I also pledge to renew this commitment in this ceremonial way, as part of my daily routine & rituals. I am now putting my name to this pledge.

Step 6 of Think & Grow Rich: Your Daily Recommitment Ritual

Step 6 of Think & Grow Rich
Step 6 of Think & Grow Rich

READ your written statement aloud, twice daily once just before retiring at night, and once after arising in the morning. As you read, see and feel and believe yourself already in possession of the money. ~Napoleon Hill

Put Your Plan into PLAY!

Step 7: Pledge and Play it Forward
Step 7: Pledge and Play It Forward

NOTES: My detailed process for losing weight is shown above in the DREAMS… plan. I am STILL living my DREAMS… every single day. Therefore, my PLEDGE is as follows:


There are an infinite number of ways to word your pledge. It can be as short as naming what you want and affirming what you will give in exchange. Followed by a commitment to recite the pledge twice daily, morning and night, out loud. You can have multiple versions and wordings… be intuitive and organic with it. And nothing is stopping you from powering it up even more by reciting it multiple times during your day. How many times you repeat it, is totally up to you.

I, …..(NAME)…., intend to manifest this victory, I will lose 18 kilos in 18 months, approximately 1 kilo or more per month to fit into these victory pants by July 2016. I have created a strong Victory Plan and pledge to play it forward. My process, per my plan is as follows:

Live my DREAMS… every single day, per my DREAMS Victory Plan, no matter what. 

Further details are as follows:

and also, in exchange for what I want, I pledge to direct my focus, own up to my fortitude, feed my faith and bring Exceptional Effort every single day as I LIVE MY DREAMS… I pledge to show up and follow up, every single day, without exception, no matter what.

I also pledge to renew this commitment in this ceremonial way, as part of my daily routine & rituals. I am now putting my name to this pledge.

I pledge my unconditional commitment, meaning that I will not attach my self worth to measurements or superficial things. I am letting go of judgment to make room for the miracle!

__________________________   _________________________

SIGNATURE                            DATE

Now your dream life and dream body is in your hands…. Whatever your plan, its up to you to follow through! Put it into play every single day!


Tomorrow, we will look at the last step of the Miracle Questing Process, Step 8, Plot Your Progress. You will get to see a sample of a monthly Transformation Tracker.



MIRACLE Challenge Day 28

The Miracle Questing Process

Step 5 Recap: Prepare to Receive

In step 5 you made the necessary preparations to receive. This included:

  • keeping pen and paper at your bedside
  • making adjustments to your evening routine so that you are in a calm and receptive state of mind,
  • and reciting your Miracle Referenced Question that leads you into the experience of the miracle you are already manifesting as you engage in the process!
Step 5 Prepare to Receive
Step 5 Prepare to Receive

You will find it useful to take a minute or two anticipating and visualising your Reception Ritual. Its as simple as imagining yourself waking up with some sense of receiving ideas, impressions and insights and saying: “Thank You!” as you would when receiving a gift. Be open minded and hearted like the Dream Whisperer and Miracle Whisperer you have the potential to be. You may not see yourself as a person who remembers your dreams or sees any significance in them. At the same time, you can still see yourself as a person who has a powerful intuition and inner wisdom as the birthright every human being is born gifted with!

It is true that you are being invited to choose daring over the defence of denial and staying in the dark. You are being asked to do what great philosophers called: “Sapere Aude” i.e. dare to know the truth about yourself and what you are capable of and meant to make of your life! You are being called to engage in what Aristotle referred to as “Practical Wisdom” – the Master Virtue.

Practical wisdom is a true characteristic that is bound up with action, accompanied by reason, and concerned with things good and bad for a human being.

Practical wisdom is not concerned with the universals alone, but must also be acquainted with the particulars: it is bound up with action, and action concerns the particulars.

Practical wisdom is concerned with human things and with those that about which it is possible to deliberate.

He who [has practical wisdom] is skilled in aiming, in accord with calculation, at what is best for a human being in things attainable through action.


Step 6: Pause to PLAN

Step 6 Pause to Plan
Step 6 Pause to Plan


You might find it useful, relatable and more meaningful, to see the steps of Miracle Questing as it relates to and works with Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” Victory planning and manifestation. You are, after all planning for success/victory! Step 6 in the MQP correlates with Napoleon Hill’s Success Step 4.

Napoleon Hill's Step 4 for Success
Napoleon Hill’s Step 4 for Success

Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.

~ Napoleon Hill

You are definitely choosing to step out of your comfort zone, to be the hero of your life and so you will need, next to daring, a healthy dose of ACCEPTANCE. Accept that challenge feels challenging and that yes, your insights will direct you towards insight inspired action that feels scary, like new territory, into the unknown where there is much uncertainty. Are you willing and trusting that you can be your own best Ally, and that the process of such vision questing will be fruitful?

What Makes For a Great Plan?

You plan can be as super simple as comprising of one-two-three “one things” i.e. changes you can make. These 3 things can be one thought, one action and one belief to work on and establish as a habit. This is the Kaizen Way, small, simple, steps in the direction of “YES”. Remember, it’s about who you are becoming as a person, about changing self image, self talk and self story (what you say to yourself about yourself). It is about IDENTITY transformation to become the best version of yourself. This is the ultimate WIN.

In the next post, tomorrow, I will share a DREAMS… Victory Plan. Until then, you might enjoy the following reading & reflection!


Reading & Reflection

If you are interested in knowing more about practical wisdom, here are some insights by Aristotle.

MIRACLE Challenge Day 27

The Miracle Questing Process

What Was Your Experience with Wonder Prompting?

Step 2, yesterday’s focus, was on wonder prompting. After completing the post, I created a Wonder List. One way to look at it is taking a mini-vacation. Imagine sitting, standing, swimming… whatever tickles your fancy, at a WonderFall!. It is relaxing, meditative, surreal, uplifting, invigorating and so much more.

I picked a wonder, what I thought would be an easy one as I like to see myself as a Gratitude, Appreciation and Thankfulness Master!

I wonder where I can practice more gratitude instead of taking someone or something for granted…

After a long day of researching and writing, I needed a break so took a bath. Sitting in warm water, is where I receive many of my breakthroughs… and I was richly rewarded. It came to me that in spite of my many habits of self-appreciation, I had not fully processed a phenomenal win, a Victory that I had an entire victory script for. On the night of the 1st April, I had tried on my Victory pants and it fitted! I weighed in at 70.1kg that day. Yesterday, I weighed in at 66.6 (plus-minus for 4 days running)! I wondered how my victory pants would actually fit now that I weighed  3.5kg lighter! I opened up to insights as to how to fully take in this good.

Taking insight inspired action, I got into my Victory pants and went out for a beautiful afternoon of appreciation! I later turned to my Miracle Pages to figure out what the lesson was to take from all of this.

Here is my Wonder List in the form of an Invitation for a Wonder Prompting Party!

Have a Wonder Prompting Party
Have a Wonder Prompting Party

You can download your invitation here, wonderpromptingparty26a

Now, onto step 3…

Step 3: Priming Your Miracle Consciousness

Step 3: Prime Your Miracle Consciousness
Step 3: Prime Your Miracle Consciousness

Let’s say, 5 of the items on your Master Wonder List Menu (also Wheel of Life) are:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Family & Friends
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Significant other/Romance

CHOOSE ONE. (you may use some other item, or a pressing issue or desire here). For the sake of illustration, I am choosing “Significant Other/Romance”. You can create an entire Wonder List (to take to the wonder Prompting Party) on this one area of your life balance plan.

The wonder might look something like this: “I wonder what habit(s) I can establish NOW to attract or create my ‘Miracle Level’ relationship…

NOW you are ready to prime your consciousness with the miracle by asking the miracle referenced question. Your wonder will lead you towards what you want and spark the ideas, impressions and insights to make your miracle come alive.

What if a miracle has happened while I was asleep, and now that I am awake, I notice that a miracle has taken place…

READ your miracle referenced question (MRQ) as part of your evening and morning routines. You might choose to make it more of a ritual by for example, lighting a candle, having a glass of water beside you, regulating your breathing while you recite the question out loud several times… the possibilities to create a ceremony of it are endless!

Step 4: Picture the Possibility

In this step you get to paint a picture of the miracle you desire. The following questions will help form a  clear, vivid and vibrant picture as well as take you into the experience itself.

Paint A Picture of your Miracle Manifested
Paint A Picture of your Miracle Manifested

What do you notice that is different about you, now that this miracle has manifested? ……………………………………………………………………………………………………

What else has changed? ………………………………………………………………………………..

What is your experience, sights, sounds, smells, taste, touch?


As you reflect, see, feel, believe yourself already living in this manifested miracle.

Step 5: Be Prepared To Receive

What helps is to write down some of these experiences, questions and any other reflections in your Miracle Pages. Have pen and paper at the ready beside your bed. You may rewrite your MRQ, even your wonder, doodle, draw, have fun. In the morning, when you awaken, read your wonder, your question and put your insights, ideas and impressions to paper in a form that would be legible for review and expansive reflection – and will form the basis of step 6 where you will Pause to Plan.

MIRACLE Challenge Day 26

The Miracle Questing Process

Yesterday, we touched on step 1 of the MQP. To recap…

Step 1 Pick a Project
The Project I am picking is…

The next step is…

Step 2: Prompting Wonder

I wonder what would be an inspiring...
I WONDER what could be…

This is an excellent focusing tool and helps you be more present to your needs, dreams, feelings and opportunities in front of you. When you prompt wonder, you are also making the choice to accept what is, good, bad and ugly and be present to your capabilities and your potential. You are in effect making the healthy, self-accepting rather than self-abandoning choice. You are also making a life affirming choice, choosing to tap into your inner potential, to open up to the possibilities of a solution and resolution!


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to bed with a sense of wonder rather than worry?

This is the answer to the wonderful question:

I wonder what would be a calming, meditative, enjoyable way to fall asleep, instead of lying awake worrying…

What are some of the things you can wonder about? As this is a step in taking your desire to manifestation, you wonder about anything that you want to appreciate in your life. Here are some options to put on your Wonder List:

  • You might begin with your life purpose
  • you can wonder about your potential in any given area of your life
  • you can wonder what to do with a chunk of time or just a few minutes in your day
  • you can wonder about how to show up one way (e.g. calm) instead of another (e.g. agitated, anxious, etc.)
  • you can wonder about how to manage your appetite
  • a particular relationship or your desires regarding relationships
  • your relationship with yourself
  • healing
  • a creative project
  • an intellectual problem/puzzle
  • what you might learn
  • health
  • work
  • studies
  • your vacation plans
  • what to have for breakfast (preferably, the night before breakfast)
  • what to cook, bake etc.
  • what item of clothing you would like to purchase
  • your next workout, or overall workout plans

How you phrase your wonder is important. You want to be light, relaxed, open and gentle in your attitude. It might help to take a WONDER WALK!. Write down a few possible projects, pick one and then start crafting some wonders around that topic. Write down at least 3-5 wonders, and then go for a walk. During your walk or when you return, scribble a few notes. If a clearer wonder prompt presents itself, write this down. You will use this for your miracle questing evening practice. When you are in bed, choose wonder over worry. Repeat your wonder prompt and open up to inner guidance that wants to come through to you.

You can combine wonder prompting with your evening stretches or foam rolling if you do not get a chance to go for a walk. Or you can do it during your walk and when you stretch and foam roll. Again, there is no right way or wrong way, no good or bad practice. There is no limit except the limits you place on your own mind.

Miracle Pages

You will find that you get all kinds of ideas, impressions and even insights around your project. Write these down and/or record them in any other form that appeals to you. Then during your reflection, it is useful to move these over into any number of dedicated journals – your general journal, an insight journal, a dream journal, a journal you call your miracle pages… You might choose different journals for different projects or in one journal, divide it up into 3 or more separate themes/priorities. Let it be okay that it can get messy! You will figure out your main wonder themes and most important miracle quests as well as which are fun to do when you need a boost or are feeling playful and open to some other upgrade!

I wonder what I can do to invest more meaning in this project/ritual/routine…

Go to bed with a WONDER, not a WORRY!
Choose Wonder over Worry

Do this today, whether you get an opportunity for a walk, or some other movement practice. You can find innumerable opportunities in your day to day life to start prompting wonder. Tomorrow we will touch upon step 3 of the miracle questing process i.e. Priming your Miracle Consciousness. Until then… have a wonderful day!

MIRACLE Challenge Day 25

The Miracle Questing Process

Step 1: Pick a Project

Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 12.13.09

What do you desire? What do you really want? This is the starting point. In the celebrated book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill’s focus is on earning a definite amount of money by a definite date.

It is also about becoming the type of person who is willing to do whatever it takes in terms of growing self-belief and putting in exceptional effort, becoming a person of character who acts ethically, in accordance with a purpose, mission, values and principles. A person who is willing to show up and persevere no matter what.

One does not need to start with a money goal as one’s starting Victory. And even when one does, there are many other Victories, Miracles, Projects — whatever one chooses to call them, that are an inevitable i.e. essential, part and parcel of it. Change is a Miracle, and when we focus on living our values and actualising our potential, we are in effect saying: “I need a Miracle”.

Whether you choose to embark on a long term weight loss journey, or a get healthy journey, or lose 1kg by (date) i.e. in the next 10 days for example, strengthen a relationship, is up to you. You can start directly with changing or introducing a new habit – big or small, it is not desirable to judge a Victory by its size! An exceptional effort is a willingness to start small, e.g. change one thing about one’s eating habits, one thing about one’s drinking habits, one thing about one’s eating habits, one thing about one’s moving habits, and so on. Whatever you choose, will mean that you are signing up for something else as well i.e. to change one’s thinking, actions and beliefs (TAB) to support this ‘one thing’ you desire. In other words, you are required to ‘Pick up the TAB). You get to do this for every single ‘one thing’. To start exercising might mean you start with what is an exceptional effort for you i.e. one sit up or one push up a day! It is an Exceptional Effort for you and a definite victory for you.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

If you have not done work on creating a Life Purpose Statement, or a Mission Statement or a List of Values & Principles you wish to live by, you can use the Miracle Questing Process to help you. Fundamentally, each person has an Ultimate Purpose and Mission i.e. to say “Yes!” to becoming the Best Version of oneself, “Yes!” to living the Best Life one can possibly live (whatever that means to you, usually a meaningful life) and “Yes!” to living one’s dreams – you decide what this priority is, e.g. family, relationships, friendships, work, leisure, etc.

Whatever you decide and desire, the first Master Project is about the Project Of YOU! Every single ‘victory’ and ‘project’ you choose embraces and is driven from this Master Project!

Get an idea of what project you wish to pick for MIRACLE Treatment and PICK IT! The next step will help you start bringing some definiteness of purpose to your project. While the above-mentioned groundbreaking book begins with step 1 as

Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. It is not sufficient merely to say ‘I want plenty of money.’ Be definite as to the amount.

one does need some preceding steps to be able to get so definite a definition! I believe steps 1 to 6 of the Miracle Questing Process does this! Even if you think you have a clear vision, you can only but benefit from taking your vision to a definite plan after the first 6 steps of Miracle Questing! (These are the PRE-PLAN STEPS)

Tomorrow’s Challenge…

Step 2: Prompt Yourself with Wonder Prompting~~~


Today’s blog entry covers step 1 of the the 6 Pre-PUT TO PLAN steps of The Miracle Questing Process. Read more tomorrow for the next steps.

Sometimes, the definiteness of purpose, especially if it is short term or related to a specific dream or priority does come to one clearly and fully. At other times, one needs to Miracle Quest once, maybe take the same quest a few days in the row, and depending on where you are now, it can take several rounds of Miracle Questing. Whatever is the case, be willing to have it so – the best time to start is still today – better still – Right Here, Right Now!

Choose to be willing to trust that now is the best time to start and you have everything you need inside of you to begin now. Where you are is the best place to start and what you have is plenty!






MIRACLE Challenge Day 24

Begin with a Miracle Mantra

There are many ways to begin with YES. One of these yeses is calling on your name, you yourself who is the miracle. In the Miracle Questing Process, you have the opportunity and it is indeed the work, to create reflection scripts which are in effect mini-pledges. Here is a sample pledge, once you have picked a project, preferably taken it through the steps (it’s also perfectly alright to have a project and date in mind i.e. be at step 1).

Miracle Mantra
Miracle Mantra

I, [NAME], am committed to directing my focus, owning up to my fortitude and feeding my faith so as to manifest this VICTORY [name it to claim it] by [date]. I also commit to additional continued Exceptional Effort, no matter what.

~Aneesah Wilhelmstätter

Defining Miracles

Could a greater miracle exist than to look through a freer and more creative perspective for a moment?

All change; particularly a change in perspective/perception is a miracle. The inner miracle, which comes from looking at something in an appreciative way, creates changes in the physical reality. The miracle is the inner miracle, the return to the miraculous mind without being limited to an expectation that the miracle has to appear as a change in the physical event or circumstances.

Creative capacity operates in linear time, but the main ‘work’ is done outside of it, in non-linear time. In non-linear reality you come to the awareness that the only thing that is constant is change and everything changes from moment to moment. The great philosopher, Heraclitus said that: “You cannot step into the same river twice”. Everything changes from moment to moment. It is only the linear mind that attempts and struggles to hang on to a reality that reality is permanent. The Miraculous Mind tells you that you become stuck and frustrated when you strive to give permanent reality to temporary things.

The miracle of the moment is that the moment is impermanent. Our rational frame of mind views time in terms of production. Each minute is seen to be valuable but in terms of production. Each minute is a minute of production, rather than a moment full of life. Such measurement of time is counter to creativity.

We are really talking about a miraculous and magical approach to life rather than a rational, judgmental and linear approach. This natural and spontaneous approach is closer to our true, resourceful and creative nature. A miracle of mind transcends any physical instrument of measurement and judgment.

We need to learn to be present in the moment; this is the true and authentic nature of creativity. A big part of the creative process is indeed the art of relaxation and letting go of a particular linear, measurement and production only consciousness. This process of letting go triggers the miracle.

We give great weight to condition and old/familiar beliefs. The rational approach is held up and even enforced/reinforced by mechanisms in society. We can learn to give greater weight and value (priority) to promoting and allowing ourselves to live by this more miraculous and natural orientation.

The intellect has its value and use and is not a problem. The depreciation of experience comes from relying on the intellect to the exclusion of all else.

The heart’s wisdom is knowledge of the truth. The heart knows much more than the intellectual mind could ever know. The intellectual mind demands facts and cause and effect in a linear, logical and limited way. The logical mind perceives but according to measures that cannot measure what the heart knows. You are more than this mind that measures, you are the mind that is connected to the heart’s wisdom, the creative and all knowing mind that knows the truth in its unlimited essential way. The intellectual mind has become estranged but does not have to remain separated from your other ways of knowing and perceiving.

We make perceptual errors when we project limited patterns on the world we perceive. We can extend unlimited patterns in a way that is sustainable and generative and so create a different reality and a miraculous experience. So you can choose to see through the physical senses or through a creative perspective and so see the essential, which is invisible to the judgmental eye. The same is true of all of your ‘physical’ senses. Each physical sense has a corresponding unlimited sense that is available and accessible to you to use in this very moment.

The intention to reach for the miracle is already a miracle. Because a miracle is a change in perspective, one miracle is not bigger or more difficult to bring about than another. Miracles know no measurement. One miracle is not more ‘blessed’ than another. The surest way to step out of the miracle is to insist on measuring and judging a change in perspective. When one does not interfere with this miracle perspective by grading it, they flow naturally, are sustainable and regenerative. Miracles are free and liberating signifying the end of one way of thinking and the beginning of another. Miracles are thinking that is free of time, space and form. Miracles are natural signs of letting go of limited and limiting thinking and ways of perception. Miracles restore the mind to its oneness and fullness. Miracles align your thinking to your heart’s call, which is truth, passion and potential. Miracles hold the truth and oneness of everything, with no separation. Reaching for a miracle through a process of letting go of limited thinking and reaching for thoughts that lets you live and let live does everyone a service.

Moving forward, I am excited to allow the process to unfold and open up greater possibilities. Not know something in advance but rather recognizing something as it appears. I allow myself the luxury of process of improvisation.

The principle is that there is always discovery in the making. The making needs to be open enough and loose enough for there to be discovery. This is the essence of artful living… miracles is art not analysis.

Become an active exception maker.

The following is a miracle making challenge and practice.

Miraculous Ways 1

It is meaningless until I give it meaning







Over to you and your Miracle Pages:

Choose to relax your shoulders, your body and your mind. Allow your awareness to gently rest on each of these activities; for example, you may begin with ‘words’. Now repeat the principle: ”It is meaningless until I give it meaning” approximately 10 times. Shift your attention to ‘words’ and write in your journal about whatever comes to mind. You may choose to do the same for any of the other aspects of reality.

Spend as much or as little time as you decide to on these miraculous ways. Come back to them anytime and as many times as you decide to, wherever you are. Write as little or as much as you want to.

Miraculous Ways 2

I choose the meaning. I agree to the meaning. I can change the meaning. For example, I can redefine X by re-arranging the parameters of Y and X.

X: Failure

Y: Success

X: Wealth

Y: Poverty

X: Attraction

Y: Rejection

X: Burdens

Y: Blessings

Over to you and your Miracle Pages:

Choose to relax your shoulders, your body and your mind. Allow your awareness to gently rest on each of these activities; for example, you may begin with ‘words’. Now repeat the principle:” I choose the meaning. I agree to the meaning. I can change the meaning. For example, I can redefine failure by re-arranging the parameters of success and failure” approximately 10 times. Shift your attention to ‘words’ and write in your journal about whatever comes to mind. You may choose to do the same for any of the other aspects of reality.

Spend as much or as little time as you decide to on these miraculous ways. Come back to them anytime and as many times as you decide to, wherever you are. Write something, anything.

MIRACLE Challenge Day 23




“Take care of each moment and you will take care of all time”


I would like to offer chapter 2 of my book, The Miraculous Way, here.

Miracles are growing and developing all the time – seemingly below the surface and when they do surface, they happen in a moment. A miracle moment meets us exactly where we are standing – in the present moment.

The tool I have used for as long as I can remember, the tool that helps me find my essential bearing and to navigate by my inner compass is the tool of writing. As I write and review what I have written, I make new connections further enhancing this miracle matrix. What comes to my awareness right now it that I would like to name the journaling practice as a means to focus it and align it to the goal, theme and intention of this miracle making work. Most of my previous writing over the years has focused very specifically on the subject of creativity and everything is about creating and creativity. With this in mind, I have called my journal practice “creative change chronicles”. There have been journal entries where I would call it an “insight journal” if my focus was on recording insights, “gratitude journal” when my focus was on recording the things I am grateful for, and so on.

In this case, on this journey called The Miraculous Way, I will be calling my journaling practice “Miracle Pages”. Feel free to call them as you please and as you wish them to shape your consciousness and your experience.

From my research and experience, I have come to see that the story precedes the experience. We actually make up our minds and tell a story and then act out that story. So when you call your pages the miracle pages, you will find your experience follows this naming process. As I write this, I am beginning to see that miracle pages are especially appropriate when one is open to changing and transforming one’s journaling practice. Remembering my discovery that change is a miracle, I realise that pages that change from insights to gratitude to creative chronicles and more must certainly be *miracle pages!  

*Miracle Pages can be referred to as MPs. I have developed the habit of creating acronyms for my practices because as a coach, I regularly run workshops where practices are very central to all conversations, it has become easier to speak in terms of acronyms where the core/central practices are concerned. Regardless of other practices presented in The Miraculous Way, all tasks are open to the writing of MPs.

What exactly are Miracle Pages and what do you gain from doing them? Miracle Pages is a writing practice… it is you writing long-hand, with a pen or keyboard, in a paper journal or a digital one, your thoughts, your experiences, your progress, what you are learning… a steady flow of thoughts as you write yourself into well-being. As you write your heart out, you write your life out. You make your life up as you go along… a live feed, scripting your future.

Miracle Pages, like everything else, can be seen to be a practice. When done consciously, its primary intention and goal is to help you practice presence. Miracle Pages reveals to you the patterns that contain you and your potential, the patterns that need to be shifted and the patterns that release you.

Miracle Pages is a form of meditation and when you make yourself available to it, it becomes a meditation experience. Because Miracle Pages is a present process, part and parcel of your exploration and play, they are seldom “polished and perfect”. The pages take you into miraculous places, leading you forward one miracle at a time.

Your pages encourage you to let go of grievances and make room for the miracle. When you fill the pages with judgement, complaints and self-doubt, you are led to the realisation that you have left little room for the miracle. When you notice you are repeating patterns of self-destructive thinking, you awaken to the constriction with the realisation that you have had a hand in it all. Recognising self-limiting thoughts is a step to relaxing and releasing them, making room for a change.

Miracle Pages offer you wisdom, not any wisdom but practical wisdom because they offer you an opportunity to take the next step, to do the next right thing and they guide you as to what the next right thing is. Miracle Pages entreat you to embrace the wisdom of your own intuition as this wisdom is arising from the page and then to make up your mind to put that wisdom into practice.

The pages gifts you with insights and activates synchronicities that happen in your life – your reward that comes to you as a result of your efforts and allow yourself to feel blessed that you brought yourself to “open up” in this way.

Everything is Present

Writing your Miracle Pages, you see more clearly that life is a paradox, that nothing is all good nor is anything all bad. Miracle Pages chronicle the truth – that everything is present and over time when you continue on this miracle path, you will see the larger authentic pattern that reveals a greater truth, that everything is a present.

You may go on a walk and then turn to the pages ready to write… nothing much seemed to happen you are thinking, only to find that through the process of writing and breaking down your experience you are gifted with a sudden breakthrough moment, AHA!, Eureka! The flashes of insight which come more and more easily, more and more frequently creating a landscape of everyday miracles.

The Power of Miracle Pages
The Power of Miracle Pages

Participating in this practice of writing Miracle Pages, you are participating in the grand design of allowing chaos and clarity to co-exist. And you will take this sense of allowing and this comfort with such a co-existence into other areas of your life.

For coming to the Miracle Pages is coming to the art of improvisation and the practice of creating miracles is an art of improvisation.


Miraculous Ways 1

I wish to work miracles.

~Leonardo Da Vinci

Carry your journal with you through the day. Notice the opportunities to change your mind, your thoughts and your perspective. At the end of your day, give yourself 30 minutes. LIST 10 miracles you created today.


MIRACLE Challenge Day 22

The Miraculous Way

Miracles of Mind
Miracles of Mind

“When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception”. ~Emile Coue

Our normal, day-to-day functioning is focused on a linear world, linear time, linear space and forms. The mind and ways that go with this linear territory is a linear, rational and intellectual mind. Part and parcel of this linear perspective is the belief that the will has more weight and is better at getting anything done than the imagination and creative thinking. We are conditioned to function primarily, even exclusively from a rational approach and way of perceiving and navigating our world, which the intellectual mind wants to believe, is a rational world.

It is surprising how many still believe that will power is the one and only way to get things done. At the same time, scientists are sharing research findings that will-power alone will not give the same quality results. However, the part of the mind that is usually disregarded is the authentic mind. This is not to say that the intellectual mind is inauthentic, only that it is trained to function in this way. Often relinquished to the habituated conditioned intellectual mind is a more miraculous, exceptional and unlimited mind. This is the mind that is creative, generative and willing to go beyond reasonable thinking.

The Miracle mind does not make judgments that limit ones freedom of choice; it exists strictly on its own terms. While the rational mind does create experiences that correspond to its way of thinking, the ideal way is one where the rational and miraculous mind work together, in harmony with the heart and as allies.

The Miraculous Way Playbook

The following “chapters” will serve as a miraculous way playbook, sharing principles and practices that support a journey that brings you back to your whole and authentic identity, your whole and authentic self and ways of being and seeing in a reality that seems to be designed for mundane living. Part of this whole way of learning and living supports you in letting go of habits that limit the functioning of the rational mind, the will, the heart and the creative and miraculous mind. You will also learn and practice the thinking and habits that support the optimal functioning of all of the above to create a fuller, richer and more successful life.

Authentic transformation is always from the inside out and perception is the key to transformation. Over the course of this ‘miraculous way’ you will be given ideas to explore, play with and appreciate in the true spirit of embracing a miraculous life, free and open to exceptions and exceptional ways of being. Learning to see life from an appreciative perspective will transform your daily experiences beyond anything you ever thought possible.

A variety of practices are offered for you to practice and with time integrate into your daily experiences. With time you will find new practices, new patterns and new ways of being present.

You will experience an ever-expanding sense of freedom as you train your exceptional sight and senses, noticing more and more often that everything is practice, everything is pattern and everything is present.

You are ‘reading’ this blog most likely because you are at least curious about the ‘phenomenon’ called miracles and what a miraculous life can mean for you. This openness is already a miracle. The premise of this book is that you are a miracle and miracles are your true and authentic nature.