MIRACLE Challenge Day 22

The Miraculous Way

Miracles of Mind
Miracles of Mind

“When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception”. ~Emile Coue

Our normal, day-to-day functioning is focused on a linear world, linear time, linear space and forms. The mind and ways that go with this linear territory is a linear, rational and intellectual mind. Part and parcel of this linear perspective is the belief that the will has more weight and is better at getting anything done than the imagination and creative thinking. We are conditioned to function primarily, even exclusively from a rational approach and way of perceiving and navigating our world, which the intellectual mind wants to believe, is a rational world.

It is surprising how many still believe that will power is the one and only way to get things done. At the same time, scientists are sharing research findings that will-power alone will not give the same quality results. However, the part of the mind that is usually disregarded is the authentic mind. This is not to say that the intellectual mind is inauthentic, only that it is trained to function in this way. Often relinquished to the habituated conditioned intellectual mind is a more miraculous, exceptional and unlimited mind. This is the mind that is creative, generative and willing to go beyond reasonable thinking.

The Miracle mind does not make judgments that limit ones freedom of choice; it exists strictly on its own terms. While the rational mind does create experiences that correspond to its way of thinking, the ideal way is one where the rational and miraculous mind work together, in harmony with the heart and as allies.

The Miraculous Way Playbook

The following “chapters” will serve as a miraculous way playbook, sharing principles and practices that support a journey that brings you back to your whole and authentic identity, your whole and authentic self and ways of being and seeing in a reality that seems to be designed for mundane living. Part of this whole way of learning and living supports you in letting go of habits that limit the functioning of the rational mind, the will, the heart and the creative and miraculous mind. You will also learn and practice the thinking and habits that support the optimal functioning of all of the above to create a fuller, richer and more successful life.

Authentic transformation is always from the inside out and perception is the key to transformation. Over the course of this ‘miraculous way’ you will be given ideas to explore, play with and appreciate in the true spirit of embracing a miraculous life, free and open to exceptions and exceptional ways of being. Learning to see life from an appreciative perspective will transform your daily experiences beyond anything you ever thought possible.

A variety of practices are offered for you to practice and with time integrate into your daily experiences. With time you will find new practices, new patterns and new ways of being present.

You will experience an ever-expanding sense of freedom as you train your exceptional sight and senses, noticing more and more often that everything is practice, everything is pattern and everything is present.

You are ‘reading’ this blog most likely because you are at least curious about the ‘phenomenon’ called miracles and what a miraculous life can mean for you. This openness is already a miracle. The premise of this book is that you are a miracle and miracles are your true and authentic nature.


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