MIRACLE Challenge Day 28

The Miracle Questing Process

Step 5 Recap: Prepare to Receive

In step 5 you made the necessary preparations to receive. This included:

  • keeping pen and paper at your bedside
  • making adjustments to your evening routine so that you are in a calm and receptive state of mind,
  • and reciting your Miracle Referenced Question that leads you into the experience of the miracle you are already manifesting as you engage in the process!
Step 5 Prepare to Receive
Step 5 Prepare to Receive

You will find it useful to take a minute or two anticipating and visualising your Reception Ritual. Its as simple as imagining yourself waking up with some sense of receiving ideas, impressions and insights and saying: “Thank You!” as you would when receiving a gift. Be open minded and hearted like the Dream Whisperer and Miracle Whisperer you have the potential to be. You may not see yourself as a person who remembers your dreams or sees any significance in them. At the same time, you can still see yourself as a person who has a powerful intuition and inner wisdom as the birthright every human being is born gifted with!

It is true that you are being invited to choose daring over the defence of denial and staying in the dark. You are being asked to do what great philosophers called: “Sapere Aude” i.e. dare to know the truth about yourself and what you are capable of and meant to make of your life! You are being called to engage in what Aristotle referred to as “Practical Wisdom” – the Master Virtue.

Practical wisdom is a true characteristic that is bound up with action, accompanied by reason, and concerned with things good and bad for a human being.

Practical wisdom is not concerned with the universals alone, but must also be acquainted with the particulars: it is bound up with action, and action concerns the particulars.

Practical wisdom is concerned with human things and with those that about which it is possible to deliberate.

He who [has practical wisdom] is skilled in aiming, in accord with calculation, at what is best for a human being in things attainable through action.


Step 6: Pause to PLAN

Step 6 Pause to Plan
Step 6 Pause to Plan


You might find it useful, relatable and more meaningful, to see the steps of Miracle Questing as it relates to and works with Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” Victory planning and manifestation. You are, after all planning for success/victory! Step 6 in the MQP correlates with Napoleon Hill’s Success Step 4.

Napoleon Hill's Step 4 for Success
Napoleon Hill’s Step 4 for Success

Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.

~ Napoleon Hill

You are definitely choosing to step out of your comfort zone, to be the hero of your life and so you will need, next to daring, a healthy dose of ACCEPTANCE. Accept that challenge feels challenging and that yes, your insights will direct you towards insight inspired action that feels scary, like new territory, into the unknown where there is much uncertainty. Are you willing and trusting that you can be your own best Ally, and that the process of such vision questing will be fruitful?

What Makes For a Great Plan?

You plan can be as super simple as comprising of one-two-three “one things” i.e. changes you can make. These 3 things can be one thought, one action and one belief to work on and establish as a habit. This is the Kaizen Way, small, simple, steps in the direction of “YES”. Remember, it’s about who you are becoming as a person, about changing self image, self talk and self story (what you say to yourself about yourself). It is about IDENTITY transformation to become the best version of yourself. This is the ultimate WIN.

In the next post, tomorrow, I will share a DREAMS… Victory Plan. Until then, you might enjoy the following reading & reflection!


Reading & Reflection

If you are interested in knowing more about practical wisdom, here are some insights by Aristotle.


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