MIRACLE Challenge Day 23




“Take care of each moment and you will take care of all time”


I would like to offer chapter 2 of my book, The Miraculous Way, here.

Miracles are growing and developing all the time – seemingly below the surface and when they do surface, they happen in a moment. A miracle moment meets us exactly where we are standing – in the present moment.

The tool I have used for as long as I can remember, the tool that helps me find my essential bearing and to navigate by my inner compass is the tool of writing. As I write and review what I have written, I make new connections further enhancing this miracle matrix. What comes to my awareness right now it that I would like to name the journaling practice as a means to focus it and align it to the goal, theme and intention of this miracle making work. Most of my previous writing over the years has focused very specifically on the subject of creativity and everything is about creating and creativity. With this in mind, I have called my journal practice “creative change chronicles”. There have been journal entries where I would call it an “insight journal” if my focus was on recording insights, “gratitude journal” when my focus was on recording the things I am grateful for, and so on.

In this case, on this journey called The Miraculous Way, I will be calling my journaling practice “Miracle Pages”. Feel free to call them as you please and as you wish them to shape your consciousness and your experience.

From my research and experience, I have come to see that the story precedes the experience. We actually make up our minds and tell a story and then act out that story. So when you call your pages the miracle pages, you will find your experience follows this naming process. As I write this, I am beginning to see that miracle pages are especially appropriate when one is open to changing and transforming one’s journaling practice. Remembering my discovery that change is a miracle, I realise that pages that change from insights to gratitude to creative chronicles and more must certainly be *miracle pages!  

*Miracle Pages can be referred to as MPs. I have developed the habit of creating acronyms for my practices because as a coach, I regularly run workshops where practices are very central to all conversations, it has become easier to speak in terms of acronyms where the core/central practices are concerned. Regardless of other practices presented in The Miraculous Way, all tasks are open to the writing of MPs.

What exactly are Miracle Pages and what do you gain from doing them? Miracle Pages is a writing practice… it is you writing long-hand, with a pen or keyboard, in a paper journal or a digital one, your thoughts, your experiences, your progress, what you are learning… a steady flow of thoughts as you write yourself into well-being. As you write your heart out, you write your life out. You make your life up as you go along… a live feed, scripting your future.

Miracle Pages, like everything else, can be seen to be a practice. When done consciously, its primary intention and goal is to help you practice presence. Miracle Pages reveals to you the patterns that contain you and your potential, the patterns that need to be shifted and the patterns that release you.

Miracle Pages is a form of meditation and when you make yourself available to it, it becomes a meditation experience. Because Miracle Pages is a present process, part and parcel of your exploration and play, they are seldom “polished and perfect”. The pages take you into miraculous places, leading you forward one miracle at a time.

Your pages encourage you to let go of grievances and make room for the miracle. When you fill the pages with judgement, complaints and self-doubt, you are led to the realisation that you have left little room for the miracle. When you notice you are repeating patterns of self-destructive thinking, you awaken to the constriction with the realisation that you have had a hand in it all. Recognising self-limiting thoughts is a step to relaxing and releasing them, making room for a change.

Miracle Pages offer you wisdom, not any wisdom but practical wisdom because they offer you an opportunity to take the next step, to do the next right thing and they guide you as to what the next right thing is. Miracle Pages entreat you to embrace the wisdom of your own intuition as this wisdom is arising from the page and then to make up your mind to put that wisdom into practice.

The pages gifts you with insights and activates synchronicities that happen in your life – your reward that comes to you as a result of your efforts and allow yourself to feel blessed that you brought yourself to “open up” in this way.

Everything is Present

Writing your Miracle Pages, you see more clearly that life is a paradox, that nothing is all good nor is anything all bad. Miracle Pages chronicle the truth – that everything is present and over time when you continue on this miracle path, you will see the larger authentic pattern that reveals a greater truth, that everything is a present.

You may go on a walk and then turn to the pages ready to write… nothing much seemed to happen you are thinking, only to find that through the process of writing and breaking down your experience you are gifted with a sudden breakthrough moment, AHA!, Eureka! The flashes of insight which come more and more easily, more and more frequently creating a landscape of everyday miracles.

The Power of Miracle Pages
The Power of Miracle Pages

Participating in this practice of writing Miracle Pages, you are participating in the grand design of allowing chaos and clarity to co-exist. And you will take this sense of allowing and this comfort with such a co-existence into other areas of your life.

For coming to the Miracle Pages is coming to the art of improvisation and the practice of creating miracles is an art of improvisation.


Miraculous Ways 1

I wish to work miracles.

~Leonardo Da Vinci

Carry your journal with you through the day. Notice the opportunities to change your mind, your thoughts and your perspective. At the end of your day, give yourself 30 minutes. LIST 10 miracles you created today.



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