MIRACLE Challenge Day 25

The Miracle Questing Process

Step 1: Pick a Project

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What do you desire? What do you really want? This is the starting point. In the celebrated book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill’s focus is on earning a definite amount of money by a definite date.

It is also about becoming the type of person who is willing to do whatever it takes in terms of growing self-belief and putting in exceptional effort, becoming a person of character who acts ethically, in accordance with a purpose, mission, values and principles. A person who is willing to show up and persevere no matter what.

One does not need to start with a money goal as one’s starting Victory. And even when one does, there are many other Victories, Miracles, Projects — whatever one chooses to call them, that are an inevitable i.e. essential, part and parcel of it. Change is a Miracle, and when we focus on living our values and actualising our potential, we are in effect saying: “I need a Miracle”.

Whether you choose to embark on a long term weight loss journey, or a get healthy journey, or lose 1kg by (date) i.e. in the next 10 days for example, strengthen a relationship, is up to you. You can start directly with changing or introducing a new habit – big or small, it is not desirable to judge a Victory by its size! An exceptional effort is a willingness to start small, e.g. change one thing about one’s eating habits, one thing about one’s drinking habits, one thing about one’s eating habits, one thing about one’s moving habits, and so on. Whatever you choose, will mean that you are signing up for something else as well i.e. to change one’s thinking, actions and beliefs (TAB) to support this ‘one thing’ you desire. In other words, you are required to ‘Pick up the TAB). You get to do this for every single ‘one thing’. To start exercising might mean you start with what is an exceptional effort for you i.e. one sit up or one push up a day! It is an Exceptional Effort for you and a definite victory for you.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

If you have not done work on creating a Life Purpose Statement, or a Mission Statement or a List of Values & Principles you wish to live by, you can use the Miracle Questing Process to help you. Fundamentally, each person has an Ultimate Purpose and Mission i.e. to say “Yes!” to becoming the Best Version of oneself, “Yes!” to living the Best Life one can possibly live (whatever that means to you, usually a meaningful life) and “Yes!” to living one’s dreams – you decide what this priority is, e.g. family, relationships, friendships, work, leisure, etc.

Whatever you decide and desire, the first Master Project is about the Project Of YOU! Every single ‘victory’ and ‘project’ you choose embraces and is driven from this Master Project!

Get an idea of what project you wish to pick for MIRACLE Treatment and PICK IT! The next step will help you start bringing some definiteness of purpose to your project. While the above-mentioned groundbreaking book begins with step 1 as

Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. It is not sufficient merely to say ‘I want plenty of money.’ Be definite as to the amount.

one does need some preceding steps to be able to get so definite a definition! I believe steps 1 to 6 of the Miracle Questing Process does this! Even if you think you have a clear vision, you can only but benefit from taking your vision to a definite plan after the first 6 steps of Miracle Questing! (These are the PRE-PLAN STEPS)

Tomorrow’s Challenge…

Step 2: Prompt Yourself with Wonder Prompting~~~


Today’s blog entry covers step 1 of the the 6 Pre-PUT TO PLAN steps of The Miracle Questing Process. Read more tomorrow for the next steps.

Sometimes, the definiteness of purpose, especially if it is short term or related to a specific dream or priority does come to one clearly and fully. At other times, one needs to Miracle Quest once, maybe take the same quest a few days in the row, and depending on where you are now, it can take several rounds of Miracle Questing. Whatever is the case, be willing to have it so – the best time to start is still today – better still – Right Here, Right Now!

Choose to be willing to trust that now is the best time to start and you have everything you need inside of you to begin now. Where you are is the best place to start and what you have is plenty!







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