MIRACLE Challenge Day 30

The Miracle Questing Process

Today is the 30th, and final day of this 30 Day April Miracle Routine & Rituals Challenge. I have introduced the MIRACLE acronym I created that presents the fundamental habits that transform one into a person who can achieve success in all areas of your life. I also shared the Miracle Questing Process, another brainchild of mine, using examples from my everyday life, in the immediacy of my experiences.


Over the weeks, I offered the simple strategy called DREAMS… that I started using in a more direct, upgraded way since January 2015, that helped me lose at least 18 kilos in that many months. Using it in combination with MIRACLES  and my Miracle Questing Process, I have lost 10 kilograms between 19 February 2019 to Date (30 April 2019). I am astounded by the results and continue to experiment and refine the process so I can share it more and more with others.

A day in the life of living your DREAMs...
A day in the life of living your DREAMs…

You can use DREAMS as I did and get phenomenal results. Start with one habit per fundamental e.g. D= drink water, which is about hydrating your body. Set a goal and continue to make progress over time. At some point, you will build up to a 3-2-Thrive per fundamental. The system is simply and it is easy to do mental check-in’s over the course of a day. Saying something as simple as: “I drank water” is remarkably self validating and encouraging.

A simplified DREAMS tracker looks like this:

Simplified Bullet Journal DREAMS
Simplified Bullet Journal DREAMS

That brings me to Miracle Questing.

Step 8 : Renew Your PLEDGE Daily

Twice a day at least, actually. Craft a pledge per goal, means you will have more than one pledge. I put living my Dreams in one pledge as what I am prepared to give to earn my victory (specific weight loss, fitness etc.). I now have an additional pledge regarding writing a book, and pledges for shorter term goals.

Step 8: Renew Your Pledge
Step 8: Renew Your Pledge

Yesterday, I covered this step, regarding renewing your pledge, reading it aloud first thing and last thing. Since posting, I have made some adjustments in the steps, in terms of listing each step in finer details, separating some of the steps that were grouped together. This detail makes the steps more accessible, allows you to give yourself credit for each effort, and brings clarity.

Step 9: Plot Your Progress & Process

Step 9: Plot your Progress & Process
Step 9: Plot your Progress & Process

You need to monitor to manage to manifest!

  1. Decide on A schedule and schedule it in at regular intervals.
  2. Design your own check-ins, daily, weekly, monthly…and ???
  3. Determine what’s important to you and what you will look at.
  4. Craft questions that are fun and you can look forward to asking. Use Intentional & AFFIRMATIVE INQUIRY*.
  5. The BEST PLANS have To Do LISTS that also serve as TA DA Success Lists!
  6. Keep LOGS where it is useful e.g. a Daily Food Log.

Examples of Intentional and Affirmative Inquiry are as follows:

Daily Check-ins and Appraisal
Daily Check-ins and Appraisal
  • e.g What went well?
  • What did I learn?
  • What do I look forward to?
  • How did I make myself proud?
  • What gives me pleasure?

and finally

Step 10: Pump Up and Party Up!

Step 10: Pump Up & Party Up
Step 10: Pump Up & Party Up

When you review your progress and process, you will be able to make decisions on how to best renew your habits so as to keep them fresh, meaningful and relevant to where you are. You get to refine your process, personalising it and making it your own.

Celebration is key, on a daily basis and upon your weekly and monthly and other check ins. It’s very easy to get caught up in the grind and overlook this crucial step. In earlier posts, I’ve suggested doing a victory dance, victory pump, throwing a Mind Party, and simply chanting: “Well done, Congratulations, Thank You!”

You decide, it’s your Party, you can cheer if you want to!

I wish you prosperous and joyful miracle questing. My parting words, from my heart to yours, a ceremonial and warm:

“Well done, Congratulations, Thank You!”


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