MIRACLE Challenge Day 26

The Miracle Questing Process

Yesterday, we touched on step 1 of the MQP. To recap…

Step 1 Pick a Project
The Project I am picking is…

The next step is…

Step 2: Prompting Wonder

I wonder what would be an inspiring...
I WONDER what could be…

This is an excellent focusing tool and helps you be more present to your needs, dreams, feelings and opportunities in front of you. When you prompt wonder, you are also making the choice to accept what is, good, bad and ugly and be present to your capabilities and your potential. You are in effect making the healthy, self-accepting rather than self-abandoning choice. You are also making a life affirming choice, choosing to tap into your inner potential, to open up to the possibilities of a solution and resolution!


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to bed with a sense of wonder rather than worry?

This is the answer to the wonderful question:

I wonder what would be a calming, meditative, enjoyable way to fall asleep, instead of lying awake worrying…

What are some of the things you can wonder about? As this is a step in taking your desire to manifestation, you wonder about anything that you want to appreciate in your life. Here are some options to put on your Wonder List:

  • You might begin with your life purpose
  • you can wonder about your potential in any given area of your life
  • you can wonder what to do with a chunk of time or just a few minutes in your day
  • you can wonder about how to show up one way (e.g. calm) instead of another (e.g. agitated, anxious, etc.)
  • you can wonder about how to manage your appetite
  • a particular relationship or your desires regarding relationships
  • your relationship with yourself
  • healing
  • a creative project
  • an intellectual problem/puzzle
  • what you might learn
  • health
  • work
  • studies
  • your vacation plans
  • what to have for breakfast (preferably, the night before breakfast)
  • what to cook, bake etc.
  • what item of clothing you would like to purchase
  • your next workout, or overall workout plans

How you phrase your wonder is important. You want to be light, relaxed, open and gentle in your attitude. It might help to take a WONDER WALK!. Write down a few possible projects, pick one and then start crafting some wonders around that topic. Write down at least 3-5 wonders, and then go for a walk. During your walk or when you return, scribble a few notes. If a clearer wonder prompt presents itself, write this down. You will use this for your miracle questing evening practice. When you are in bed, choose wonder over worry. Repeat your wonder prompt and open up to inner guidance that wants to come through to you.

You can combine wonder prompting with your evening stretches or foam rolling if you do not get a chance to go for a walk. Or you can do it during your walk and when you stretch and foam roll. Again, there is no right way or wrong way, no good or bad practice. There is no limit except the limits you place on your own mind.

Miracle Pages

You will find that you get all kinds of ideas, impressions and even insights around your project. Write these down and/or record them in any other form that appeals to you. Then during your reflection, it is useful to move these over into any number of dedicated journals – your general journal, an insight journal, a dream journal, a journal you call your miracle pages… You might choose different journals for different projects or in one journal, divide it up into 3 or more separate themes/priorities. Let it be okay that it can get messy! You will figure out your main wonder themes and most important miracle quests as well as which are fun to do when you need a boost or are feeling playful and open to some other upgrade!

I wonder what I can do to invest more meaning in this project/ritual/routine…

Go to bed with a WONDER, not a WORRY!
Choose Wonder over Worry

Do this today, whether you get an opportunity for a walk, or some other movement practice. You can find innumerable opportunities in your day to day life to start prompting wonder. Tomorrow we will touch upon step 3 of the miracle questing process i.e. Priming your Miracle Consciousness. Until then… have a wonderful day!


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