MIRACLE Challenge Day 17

My favorite quote is this one by Albert Einstein

There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.  ~Einstein

MIRACLE Stacking

Yesterday, I introduced the idea of habit stacking, and shared an example of one of my MIRACLE stacks. Change happens… creative change needs a helping hand. I see ‘creative change’ as a MIRACLE. What MIRACLE do you need to give a helping hand to right now?

MIRACLES in my hands!
MIRACLES in my hands!

MIRACLE Sequencing

At any point of your day, you can give creative change a helping hand by bringing this mindset of ‘willing to make the exceptional effort” i.e. doing something different and starting to feed your faith in yourself instead of becoming a victim of your own self-doubt.

I MOVE in the morning and did a workout at my gym. On a Wednesday, I also do a New Balance W.O.C (work out challenge) at home. To align my thoughts, actions and beliefs with my intentions, i.e. Pick up the TAB, I create a MIRACLE sequence script. Think of this process as segment inscripting/ inscribing. One cannot document every single effort you make but I have found that sequencing your steps gives you evidence you can use to give yourself credit for your efforts. When we do not notice and acknowledge that we are showing up and making exceptional efforts on our own behalf, it becomes all too easy to focus on imperfections and feed self-doubt. Here’s my sequence:

  1. After I’ve had my meal in a state of sacred presence, I enjoy a cup of coffee for dessert. I then PREPARE a tall glass of mint tea to start hydrating for my workout.
  2. I review my Food LOG, and make decisions & deals (regarding eating )for the rest of the day.
  3. I READ my life purpose statement on repeat for 60 seconds. It helps me EMBRACE CHANGE i.e. transition into a new segment. I REFLECT for 60 seconds and then set a specific time for my workout (MOVE).
  4. After committing to a time, I create a LIST of MOVES, using a To Do LIST with checkboxes so I can check the boxes during the workout and transform it into a TA DA! LIST.
  5. Once my LIST (Victory PLAN) is set-up for success, I IMAGINE (mental rehearsal/ PRIME TIME) workout success. During this session, I focus on answering the questions: “What can I see myself doing?”, “How am I picking up the TAB*?”
  6. I use affirmations i.e. AFFIRM & BREATHE, as part of my PRIMING & PREPARATION. I AFFIRM my intention to workout, and choose thoughts and beliefs that align with my intention to MOVE. e.g. I show up set up for success, I start strong, stay strong and finish stronger!
  7. During my workout, I use AFFIRM & BREATHE to stay strong!
  8. In the meantime, I PREPARE my gym gear, workout equipment and line up my playlist.
  9. (choose an activity until workout time, usually 1 hour after meal). In this time leading up to my workout, I will talk to myself about how I have set myself up for workout success. e.g. I have eaten well, nourished to flourish. I have eaten to support a strong workout. I am well-hydrated, have a victory plan, am primed and prepared to nail it. I  intend to make myself proud. I am here to make progress and be the best me I can be. etc. etc.

*TAB = thoughts, actions, beliefs!

TIP: Keep pen & paper close at hand to RECORD any insights that come to you, as the fruits of your REFLECTION while you are working out!

At the end of your workout, do a victory dance… count it as another MOVE!

You may also do 60 seconds of COUNT MY BLESSINGS, where you thank yourself for showing up so exceptionally! i.e. being the change you want to see!

Be the change you wish to see in the world! ~Mahatma Gandhi


MIRACLES in your hands!
MIRACLES in your hands!





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