MIRACLE Challenge Day 16

How Are You Stacking Up?

MIRACLE Stacking & MIRACLE Tracking
MIRACLE Stacking & MIRACLE Tracking

With experience, you will get better at connecting the dots i.e. certain habits together. For example, you will come to seize opportunities while executing you ‘Move’ for habits of affirmation (Affirm & Breathe), Embrace Change, Reflection, Lists, Logs and so much more.

Three to Thrive

Also referred to as 3-2-Thrive, this idea highlights creating mini-lists of 3 ways to execute the particular part of your MIRACLE Routine and Rituals. Thinking in threes, paradoxically decreases one’s anxiety about choosing, because you start seeing your efforts in threes instead of as three separate items to remember. When it comes to mind more easily i.e. with less mental effort, you become proficient at targeting 3 things you can do towards manifesting a particular MIRACLE item. IN THIS WAY, when you look at your list and/or log, it becomes obvious where you are strong and where you can benefit from some extra dedicated focus.


Choose a day to focus on one MIRACLE item. You may have already started your MIRACLE questing, and taken the miracle question:”How might I add more value and creativity to my reflection habits?”. Play with possible questions you can ask that refer specifically to your reading and reflection habits… and ask it in a way that resonates with you. Log your ideas, keep your insight/miracle journal. Then start putting your ideas, impressions and insights into practice. Trust that you are reading and reflecting daily, you simply want to invest in this habit so that it serves and supports you.


YOUR personal read and reflection menu provides you with a list of opportunities to fulfil this habit. In BuJu (Bullet Journal) circles, these are referred to as indexes, amongst other things. It’s as simple as selecting an item from a menu.


Try your hand at habit stacking:

Your evening MIRACLE routine habit stack might look like this:

  1. After I have my dinner, I will READ something from my journal for twenty seconds and REFLECT for 60 seconds.
  2. After I READ & REFLECT, I will write my To-Do LIST for the next day’s MOVE.
  3. After I write my To-Do LIST, I will immediately IMAGINE vividly, for 20 seconds, MOVE- success. I will visualise victory.
  4. As I am visualising victory, I will start formulating an AFFIRMATION about my MOVE-plan.
  5. After I have formulated an AFFIRMATION, I will affirm it out loudly and/or write it down.

TIP: You can add a “COUNT MY BLESSINGS” before EMBRACING CHANGE in some small way by moving to something in your life that speaks “embrace change’. This could be setting your alarm (wake up call), getting gear ready for next day’s workout, putting pen and paper next to your bed, preparing or committing to what you will have for breakfast the next day (notice too that you are now checking things off one of your To Do lists). In this way, you have just checked all the MIRACLE intentions as represented by the acronym… and can do a mental Ta DA! (LIST). Step this up by seeing it as a PLEDGE. Treat it like a self-promise!

Read what James Clear has to say about habit stacking (the traditional sense).


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