MIRACLE Challenge Day 18



Embrace Change is certainly a case of leaving best for last! Day 7 of the mini-MIRACLE Challenge (i.e. Day 18 of the April MIRACLE Challenge) was about taking the MIRACLE referenced question: “What can I do today and everyday, as a routine and ritual to live this habit of EMBRACE CHANGE?”

It helps to ask the question of Appreciative Inquiry:

How am I doing it already?

I find that appreciation appreciates, gets your focus where you need it, helps overcome self-doubting, minimising, negative mind chatter and starts the miracle alignment process. No matter where you are in your life, no matter how conflicted your lifestyle and choices might be to what you really want, on some level, in some area of your life, you are actually ’embracing change’. Be willing to really notice and talk to yourself about the ways you embrace change or have in the past. Really reach if you need to, notice where you ease into something and it is a strength e.g. where you accept an effort you need to make without trying to talk yourself out of it, or in spite of trying to talk yourself out of it. This REFLECTION will help you start generating the evidence you need to feed your faith in your capacity to EMBRACE CHANGE. 

And, no matter how efficient we may be at embracing some changes, deciding to live your potential i.e. be the miracle you were born to be, one’s entire lifetime, day in and day out is about being willing to court change, and to meet the change that happens with Creative Change!

Create a LIST of where you embrace change. Regularly expand this list with self-challenges to keep getting better at this habit. Use your MIRACLE questing regularly to help you with this commitment.



The first MIRACLE referenced question you ask regarding EMBRACE CHANGE is to receive guidance from your intuition, for practical ways to embrace change in your life. You might take specific questions to address an area of difficulty, for example, you may need to learn to get up earlier, perhaps your challenge is turning off the television or getting off social media in order to start preparing for the next day and for a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Accept it to CHANGE it!
Accept it to CHANGE it!

On a scale of 1-10, how willing are you to make the exception and “BE THE CREATIVE CHANGE” i.e. “BE THE MIRACLE?” you need you to become to live your potential, to live your best life and be the best version of yourself no matter what? As you READ, RECORD, REFLECT AND READ your ideas and questions, explore the areas of your life where you most need a miracle. Then ask yourself the question:

Who do I need to become to get to where I must get to?

Then take this alignment and focus to your MIRACLE QUESTING experience. Now ask yourself: “What if a Miracle has happened while I was asleep, and now that I am awake and notice this MIRACLE has taken place…What am I noticing?”. Keep a pen and paper beside your bed to record any impressions and ideas that come through. Open to insights that will point you in the direction of changes you need to make in yourself, the grievances you need to let go of to make room for the MIRACLE of you! Then start following through in your thoughts, actions and beliefs. In other words, invest time in drawing up a MIRACLE plan regarding the person you need to become, one you can be proud of, one that stands up as an example of you redeeming the potential that is your birthright!


Acceptance of what has happened,
Acceptance of what has happened,

When you look around you, you don’t need to look far or wide to see an example of a change to embrace. Begin with YES, by asking the Miracle Question. Nothing says a willingness to get to and beyond ‘acceptance’ than this action! Acceptance is the ultimate first step to create alignment. It is not a cliche for nothing that “What we resist, persists!”. Another way of looking at EMBRACE CHANGE is to see the ‘E’ in MIRACLE  to ask one to EASE INTO CHANGE!


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