MIRACLE Challenge: Day 4

MIRACLE Challenge, April: Day 4


Imagination is a birthright we have that animals do not. It takes us to the level of Creator and allows us to manifest our dreams. Seeing something in your mind’s eye first, helps one actualise it. What are your daily visualisation practices? What do you actively use your imagination to help you with?

  • You can use your imagination to plan, prime and prepare for an important event, personal or professional.
  • You can use it to help you with the mental rehearsal part of your workout to get your head in the game.
  • You can use it to visualise victory, big or small e.g. making the right food choices in stressful situations
  • You can use it for fun and relaxation as you drift off to sleep, e.g. walking on a beach
  • You can use it to say “Good Night” to someone you love who is far away
  • You can use it to imagine your body regenerating at night
  • You can use it to imagine waking up with joy in your heart

The options are infinite!

Saying GoodNight

What is your evening routine? Do you find it challenging to fall asleep? When you wake up in the middle of the night, are you able to fall asleep again? One strategy, I call TA DA! where I mentally list 5 things I achieved for the day. You can do a mental checklist using the MIRACLE acronym. It will look something like this:

❤️ I moved my body

🧡 I imagined a successful workout

💛 I did some reading and reflection
💚 I practised my affirmations and used breathing to calm myself
💙 I counted my blessings (this helps one sleep too)
🖤 I’m working on a list right now!
💜 Sleep, I embrace you! I also turned off digital devices one hour before sleep

Allow yourself to really get a sense of the person you are becoming and feel a deep sense of pride in your efforts.

Saying Goodnight

As a parting gift for the day, I would like to share a link to a creative exercise called “Saying Goodnight”. It was created by a mentor of mine and helps one calm ones racing mind and recruit one’s imagination for a good night’s sleep. Here is the link: https://lifevise.com/saying-goodnight-sleep-well/




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