MIRACLE Challenge: Day 3

MIRACLE April Challenge: Day 3

Good day to you all. What are your hopes and dreams for today? If a miracle were to happen, how does your day unfold?

I received a great gift that marks success in a weight loss journey I undertook in 2015-2016, where I lost 20kg to achieve a healthy, athletic body. This is year 5, and because I am determined not to be a statistic, the one where in the fifth year, people put the weight back on, I decided to step it up and set a goal to lose 5kg this year. The gift I received was being able to fit into a pants I dreamed of wearing. To celebrate this, I also donated some of my clothes I never want to fit into again, but really love. It was a day of giving and receiving. What do you need to let go off to make room for the miracle of you? You are the MIRACLE.


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