MIRACLE Challenge Day 5

Live Your DREAMS, Make MIRACLES Happen
DREAMS and MIRACLE Success Logs

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are

~Theodore Roosevelt

Go the Distance

The reality of challenges and behaviour change is that new habits work when you work them. I have found that when I work my DREAMS, my DREAMS work for me. When I stop working them, they stop working. It can be immensely frightening and frustrating that one has to show up everyday AND results are only sustainable and lasting, when one shows up everyday.

Some days, a lot of other things are going on too, that makes it more challenging to keep up with one’s own best intentions.

It can be hard to acknowledge and accept this reality, that what I am doing today, I will be doing in some form or the other tomorrow, and the next day and the next. At the same time, one can appreciate that small acts are wins, they count and make a difference. Small ‘acts’ in terms of failure to act, also matter.


Every action is a vote for the type of person you want to be

~James Clear, Atomic Habits

We are talking the long haul, the big picture, going the distance. To manage this reality, it helps to see this process as a matter of IDENTITY change AND UPGRADE. You are choosing to become a certain type of person. As you navigate your day, you can ask yourself a question of your choosing. I ask myself:” What would a more audacious ANEESAH do?” (Aneesah is my name).

On Becoming the BEST VERSION of Yourself!

Read and Reflect

My favorite chapter in Atomic Habits by James Clear is the one one identity and how each action is a vote for oneself. Here is a link he posted 5 minutes ago, sharing the chapter with additional notes. James Clear on Identity and voting for yourself


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