The MIRACLE Begins

WELCOME to your MIRACLE Life! What do you do, first thing every morning? Do you wake up with a miracle mindset? Do you awaken to the miracle that you are? What if you can wake up everyday, and begin with a miracle? What would your life look like?

There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle. — Einstein


Creating miracle morning routines begins with creating miracle evening routines!

MIRACLE Bookends

What if you could end your day with a miracle, sleep on it, and then wake up to a miracle? What if making miracles happen was the order of your day? What would your day look like?

Your morning and evening MIRACLES are your MIRACLE BOOKENDS, that signify your intention to say “YES” to yourself, “YES” to your potential, “YES” to Life – living a fulfilling and meaningful life, every single day. How different would your life look and feel when you bookend it with “YES”?

If you are ready for some creative change, change that makes a significant difference in all areas of your life, then this adventure is for you. The MIRACLE Challenge is calling, inviting you to transform yourself and to transform your life. I will share with you tried and tested ideas and creative exercises to make your own as you own up to the miracle of you and your miracle making powers that is your birthright. You will decide for yourself how you want to see yourself in relation to this miracle manifesting potential that is yours to claim.

For now, I invite you to go to bed with a sense of wonder, instead of worry. Go to bed with this wonderful question: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to begin and end my day with a MIRACLE?”.


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