30 Day MIRACLE Challenge

Morning and Evening MIRACLE habits!
Every day is a MIRACLE!

The topic of Habits, especially regarding daily morning and evening routines is growing in significance. This, I find very refreshing! There are blogs, podcasts and great facebook groups where people all over the globe get to tune in on how to streamline one’s routines and rituals, how to overcome certain difficulties getting started, keeping it up and navigating ever changing circumstances.

I just recently discovered the Bullet Journal and was fascinated with the many ideas people post in groups and on instagram. I was thrilled to notice that I am not alone in wanting to document, journal about and track my habits. In this blog I want to experiment with what I have found useful and what I am learning as I go along.

Bullet Journal Experiment using MIRACLE acronym, 7 daily morning and evening habits!
My Bullet Journal Experiment

I would love to hear your ideas and invite you to try out these. I am passionate about ACRONYMS, more as a mnemonic device than acronyms in the purest sense (where each letter is strung together to make a sentence).

So, here is one of my experiments using my MIRACLE acronym for both morning and evening fundamental habits. Of course, you can do them in any order and at any time of the day!


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