MIRACLE Challenge Day 21

The Magic of Wonder Prompting

The Magic of Wonder Prompting
The Magic of Wonder Prompting

The Magic of Wonder Prompting is more than the 2nd step of The Miracle Questing Process. It works like a Wonder Wand and helps you move from distraction to focus, use doubt as fuel, feed your faith in your capacities and give yourself instant fortitude to rise above any drama!.

~Aneesah Wilhelmstätter

In the past 3 weeks, I have introduced ‘wonder’, more specifically “prompting wonder” as the second step in the Miracle Questing Process. Yet, it is indeed so much more than that! In my creative change coaching practice, this creative solution focused exercise is used by my clients to bring about resolution regarding difficulties in all areas of their lives!

Having A Wonderful Night’s Sleep!

I would like to share how I have used it 2 days ago. It was mid-evening, when I got off an extremely stressful, emotionally charged ‘conversation’ that lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. Not an ideal set-up for a refreshing night’s sleep! It helped that during the conversation, I was determined to not let the unavoidable conversation deteriorate to drama. After the conversation, I used many of my MIRACLE Routine & Ritual Habits to return to my center:

  • Move – light foam rolling and stretching (3 minutes)
  • Imagine – imagine a success from that day (on and off for a few seconds)
  • Read & Reflect – I read from my creative change chronicles (journal, logs, TA DA! list) and reflected on what went well outside of that conversation and even in that conversation!
  • Affirm & Breathe – yes! on whatever you can get hold of. It does help to have some written affirmations close at hand. Stick with one and repeat.
  • Count Your Blessings – I gave myself a silent pat on the back for choosing to stay strong and not take things personally. I felt deep gratitude for all the work I have done over the years and that I have tools to support me!
  • Lists & Logs – I reviewed my food log, scanned TO DO and TA DA! lists! I created a mental list in preparation for the next day.
  • Embrace Change – I definitely got off digital devices! and did not use television as a distraction. I chose to EMBRACE the evening and EASE into next segment i.e. sleep segment of my day.

Having missed dinner due to the conversation, I ate something light and looked at the bright side of that!

Once in bed, I again tapped into my MIRACLEs, with affirmations, breathing, reflection and imagination – my priority was keeping my integrity intact! In bed I was still restless but managed to draw my attention to Miracle Questing! I prompted myself to “Pick a Project” – A Good Night’s Sleep! and to come out ‘unharmed’, refusing to take things personally.

I then initiated my WONDER PROMPT, inviting myself to be easy with it and introduce some playfulness. “I wonder what I might do now to get a Good Night’s Sleep…” “… to calm myself… to return to self… to take my mind to a better place… to get back to my priorities and plans for a great day tomorrow…” The answer that met me was clearly “Count Your Blessings!”, the ‘C’ of MIRACLE Routines & Rituals… So “Count Your Blessings!” it was!. I would count one, two, even three blessings, focusing on how I blessed myself by making creative, fertile choices instead of futile ones. Then my mind would get distracted. I called in my imagination and harnessed my Wonder Prompt a second time. Upon the third re-activation of my WONDER PROMPT, with the same answer that I followed through on… I fell into a reasonably restful sleep.

When I woke up twice during the night, it was easy to tap into the power of Wonder, and in a minute or two, it was natural for me to return to deep sleep with ease and grace.

Wonder Upon Wonder!

Reflecting, now as I write this post,  I realise that conversation did turn around in the last 10 or so minutes because of my exceptional efforts. I had mentally wondered: “What can I do to end this in a good place, peacefully and turn things around?” I see now it was when I activated that wonder, that the other party also moved into wonder and asked the question out LOUD: “I WONDER WHY EVERY TIME THIS SUBJECT COMES UP, IT GOES SO WRONG! WONDER UPON WONDERS! I am very aware that at that point she relaxed, took a breath, decided to rise above the ‘taking it personally, victim mindset’ and get to focus over distraction, fortitude over drama and faith in her ability to manage what needed to be done instead of doubt and the runaway train of anxiety the task that needed to be done had provoked.

The Magic of Wonder Prompting is like a magic wand and can do the same and more for you. I hope you will give it a go!





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