MIRACLE Challenge Day 20

From PLOT to Party!

Miracle Questing FlowChart
Miracle Questing FlowChart

How do you manifest your MIRACLE saying YES to the Miracle Question? Begin with the beginning with the end in mind… Say Yes to the MIRACLE OF YOU and YES to actively creating the best you and the best life for you. This 7 Step Process helps you begin plotting your possibility, take what is within your potential but you now see as  “impossibility” to possibility. It all starts with picking your project. Whatever project one chooses, one’s ultimate project is one’s own Self and one’s own personality upgrade. Here is the updated version of Miracle Questing and MIRACLE Breakthroughs!

  1. Pick a Project: Where in yourself and in your life do you want to experience a MIRACLE breakthrough?
  2. Prompt Yourself by choosing to embrace wonder instead of worry: “I wonder what it would be like to….”
  3. Prime Consciousness! During this PRIME TIME, you ask the Miracle Question: What if I can own up to my potential? What if I can create a relationship that is…? What if I can become that person, that partner for me? What if I can do this…?
  4. Picture the Possibility actively using your imagination. I find it useful to focus my attention using prompts such as:” What I can see myself doing is…” and make your vision vivid and full of vitality! Don’t get hung up on judging your capacity for visualisation. Whatever comes up for you, is the way you visualise. Trust it and it will develop as you get better at stilling your mind, freeing yourself of distractions.
  5. Prepare by being ready to receive. Nothing says “I am ready to receive” better than having pen and paper beside your bed to record any insights that come to you at bedtime, and when you awaken, whether during the night or in the morning. It is a way to align your thoughts, your actions and your belief with your intentions to tap into your inner wisdom.
  6. Pause to Plan. What’s the point of the process if one is not willing to take inspired action. Draw up an action plan that includes thoughts you will think and beliefs you will allow to bloom that support your intention to manifest the miracles you desire.
  7. Pledge and Play it forward. Once you’ve drawn up some sort of action plan, you want to play it forward by placing it front and centre in your everyday life. You start plotting the routines and rituals that make up your daily MIRACLE habits. The clearer and more specific you are, the easier it is to plot your PROGRESS. Let your plan include LISTS, your TO DO’s and whatever other lists help you. You can create a list of affirmations, thoughts, beliefs that serve as menus to choose from. Everyday, even several times a day, it is useful and essential to talk to yourself about your progress and to party! Cheer yourself on, dance, do a victory pump, say “yay me!” and of course, use your TA DA! success logs to give yourself credit for your efforts!

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