MIRACLE Challenge Day 19

On BEING the Miracle

Screenshot 2019-04-19 at 07.25.47

I choose to Be the exception rather than take exception!

What a powerful and empowered way to navigate your day when one has the exceptional mindset. An exceptional life can only come from making exceptional choices. How differently does one show up in one’s life when one navigates the day with this orientation to be the exception rather than take exception!

This does not mean being a pushover – to the contrary! it means that instead of attack, avoidance and accommodation, instead of feeling the victim, to take a more heroic stance. To accept what is and then ALSO accept that you have what it takes to do what needs to be done. It’s about making fertile rather than futile choices.

Exceptional does not mean big efforts. For example, if one is unfit and overweight, and decides to do something different i.e. be the exception and take charge of one’s life – the next exceptional (different thing i.e. be the change) can be to start with ONE PUSH UP OR ONE SIT UP A DAY!

I invite you to give it a go!


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