MIRACLE Challenge Day 13

The Life we have waiting for us
The Life we have waiting for us

For the last 2 days, I shared the results of my MIRACLE QUESTING. While I invited one to take a letter per day, a project per day based on the MIRACLE Routine acronym, Reality plays out a little differently. I did 2 days on MOVE, a day on Morning REFLECTION,  yesterday on Evening REFLECTION and today, I would like to share with you one of the reflections you may do during the day.

We must be willing to let go the life we have planned, to live the life we have waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell

Coming Up for Some AIR

Change happens… creative change needs a helping hand! is a daily mantra. With my best intentions in hand, I went to the gym. I was subjected to the unpleasant INCIDENT and experience of being harassed. The gym management were supportive and the culprit will be expelled from the gym. I was determined to be fully present and deal with what needed to be dealt with and move on… aware there may be future consequences, including the possibility of being stalked. To regain my balance, I intuitively felt that I must repurpose my evening reflection. I could have selected the morning one or did a mash up of the two! I describe my resolution as taking care of my needs – I felt I needed to exhale fully and come up for AIR. Herewith my AIR i.e. After Incident Reflection. This is an insight that came to me, to serve and support me… my miracle!


Ta Da! Your Self-Celebratory Habit

I would also love to offer you a page from my journal, one I created in September 2013, that reflects the practice of Ta Da! with the opportunity for some gratitude too! This can serve as a self challenge, keeping a journal for a week or month or whatever using this format! Make some copies or create your own original BuJu version! Note the LISTS & LOGS! This is a success log in itself!

Ta Da Checklist & Miracle Journal Page
Ta Da Checklist & Miracle Journal Page

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