MIRACLE Challenge Day 12

Yesterday, I covered the Miracle Questing using a miracle question to focus on R = Reflection part of Read & Reflect. I shared my ideas and insights pertaining to the morning reflection part of a Morning MIRACLE Routine. Today, I will share the fruits of my miracle questing pertaining to evening reflection.

Evening Miracle Mastery

As I prepare to make the transition from my daily activities and enter sleep, I allow myself to shift my attention into a new gear… readying myself to find some resolution regarding the day’s events and experiences. I also give myself permission to formulate some hopes regarding my upcoming sleep and dreaming experience. To process my day so I may move on from it, I ponder what I have learned, choices I made, how I showed up and residual  or even strong feelings I am holding. I remind myself of my intentions to go to bed with wonder rather than worry.  I find it helpful to do some form of check-in regarding my day’s goals and intentions.

MIRACLE Plan Check-In

Here then is part of my evening reflection which I look forward to as a TA DA in itself! The LISTS & LOGS part also embraces CELEBRATION, celebrating my TA DAs! I call my logs e.g. food log, a success log! Part of the reflection I do during my evening MOVE – stretches and foam rolling session.I end my day as I started it i.e. with my MIRACLE plan:


M: MOVE: Did I do my best today to follow through on my movement plans for the day?
I:  IMAGINE: Did I do my best today to recruit this creative power called imagination?
R: READ & REFLECT: Did I do my best today to get in some reading and reflection time?
A: AFFIRM & BREATHE: Did I do my best today to use affirmations and breathing to support me?
C: COUNT MY BLESSINGS: What are 3 of the blessings I am thankful for?
L: LISTS & LOGS: I get a light sense of my TO DO list and the TA DAs! This check in takes me through my TA DAs! i.e. where I showed up and did what needed to be done. In my experience, this feels like counting sheep, only better. I allow myself to sit with the positive feelings this generates. I forgive myself for where I did not do my best. It’s a good time to write TO DO lists for the next day!
E: EMBRACE CHANGE: I unplug from certain activities i.e. electronics off! at the time I’ve decided. I make any preparations I need to make for the next day e.g. preparing breakfast, laying out workout gear, etc.  I take a moment to again reflect on my dreams and any ideas and insights that came through. I have pen and paper next to my bed to jot down any ideas  and insights that will come to me in the morning.

What are TA DAs?

First you create To Do lists, e.g. for MOVE, 3 items might be: stretch, walk, workout. When you check these items off your TO DO list, it becomes a TA DA list. ‘Ta Da’ is an expression that is used to indicate “yes, I did it!” and is usually said with a flourish and some kind of open armed gesture expressing joy.

Picking up the TAB

I take a few seconds to ask and answer the question:
  • Did I do my best today to pick up the TAB?
  • Did I do my best today to choose thoughts, actions and beliefs aligned with my intentions?
  • Did I do my best today to free myself from thoughts, actions and beliefs that were incongruent with my intentions?
(I am usually also specific here e.g. Did I do my best today to choose thoughts, actions and beliefs that support my goal to keep making progress with this weight loss, fitness and health victory?)

Reflective Questions

As I get used to this form of self-inquiry, it becomes an intuitive practice that takes less than a minute! It really is a powerful pledge and script one is creating. It is helpful to see it as a story, a series of affirmations and a way to connect with yourself.
  1. What went well?
  2. What upgrade opportunity am I inspired to seize?
  3. What one thing will I do differently?
  4. How badly do I want it, more than I want anything else?
  5. What do I need to let go of to make this happen for me?

The VOW-Powered Life

Because I navigate my day using agreements and vows I’ve made with myself e.g. don’t ask for permission, be self-directed, etc., all of the above serves as a way to check in that I am in fact keeping my promises to myself, and to renew my commitments!

Affirm & Breathe

I am ready to put my day behind me and enter into a peaceful night’s sleep. I feel blessed, and appreciative of my exceptional efforts and the right choices I made. I release myself from grievances to make room for MIRACLES. No matter what happened, bad, indifferent or good; I still have my dreams, I am still saying “YES” to myself, ‘Yes’ to my life and ‘Yes’ to my potential. I know that even as I sleep, I am  tapping into my potential. I am ready to receive inner guidance with an open heart and mind. I will wake up refreshed, energised and ready for a new day and new opportunities. I am ready to say “Good Night“!


In a future blog, I will focus on daily CELEBRATION. One way of celebrating your wins, at least once a week is to have a Mind Party.

In my Mind Party, all my party guests bring with them their Cookie Jar and we have a session sitting around the fire, sharing our success stories. The cookies in the cookie jar represent the wins, big and small. This is the fuel to keep on going. The tiny wins, the daily grind ones, is what wins the game. Recollecting and celebrating them i.e. TA DA! gives one a sense of the compound effect, the adding up!

Go to the Cookie Jar to remind yourself how Badass you are!
Go to the Cookie Jar to remind yourself how Badass you are!

Reflections & Resources

Notice that even as you are checking in, you are ticking the boxes, for example, you are practicing read, affirm & breathe and even Logs & Lists as you evaluate and appraise your day! That is the beauty of the MIRACLE practice. You can do it all during a round of check-ins.

A beautiful resource on the practice called “Saying Good Night“.

Here’s some ideas on what it is about and how to host one!




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