MIRACLE Challenge Day 11

Morning Miracle Mastery

When I wake up, I remind myself that “Each day is a new beginning.” I then enjoy the “silence”, taking time to be with myself and centre – deliberately getting a sense of entering my body and my day. I review and renew my plans for the day.
I do some Dream Whispering, reflecting on any dreams, ideas and insights that want to come through. I have pen and paper next to my bed and take a note or two.

Begin with a MIRACLE Plan:

  • M: MOVE: what’s my movement plans for the day?
  • I:  IMAGINE: What I can see myself doing is…
  • R: READ & REFLECT: I reflect again on inner guidance coming through, looking to formulate a message to be guided by e.g.Today, I woke up with the lyrics: “I’m losing my mind though” and I changed it to “I’m winning my mind” and practiced this as an affirmation
  • A: AFFIRM & BREATHE: The affirmation that came to me is : “I’m winning my mind now”
  • C: COUNT MY BLESSINGS: I let myself feel blessed and Count my Blessings, seeing the day as a blessing!
  • L: LISTS & LOGS: I get a light sense of my TO DO list and and the TA DAs! I fell asleep with. I look forward to the TA DAs I will go to bed with tonight.
  • E: EMBRACE CHANGE: I am plugged in and ready to enter my new day and feel this in my being and as a commitment.
Thoughts are Wands, Beliefs are incantations
Thoughts are Wands, Beliefs are incantations

Picking up the TAB

I reflect and scribble in my insight journal. I reflect on my Thoughts, Actions intended (how I feel about planned actions), and Beliefs about myself, others, my abilities etc. I focus on THOUGHTS, ACTIONS, BELIEFS to let go of and to embrace. I manage my expectations and needs – I handle my doubts, give myself some encouragement, strategize, challenge myself etc.

Reflection Using Questions

Mostly, I intuit reflective questions or tap into the one’s from the night before:
  1. What went well?
  2. What upgrade opportunity am I inspired to seize?
  3. What one thing will I do differently?
  4. How badly do I want it, more than I want anything else?
  5. What do I need to let go of to make this happen for me?

Living a VOW-Powered Life

I navigate my day using agreements and vows I’ve made with myself e.g. don’t ask for permission, be self-directed, etc.

Affirm & Breathe

I am committed to being the hero I need me to be for me, living my values, passion and principles, saying ‘Yes” to myself, my life, my potential no matter what. I will tap into my potential, let go of grievances and make room for MIRACLES. I will receive with an open heart and mind, bringing changes in my thoughts, actions and beliefs into my everyday life.

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