MIRACLE Challenge Day 10

Gifts Of Awakening Today: GOAT

This week, I switched up the focus a little bit by introducing the idea and ritual of MIRACLE Questing! On Monday, I offered 7 steps on how you might do this. Yesterday, I shared my own experience of my M for MOVE, quest. My Tuesday workout challenge W.O.C. certainly felt different from that renewed focus. This is what it looked like.


When you engage in this process, you will come to realise that miracles of insight and ideas come to you, not only at night, or in the morning first thing, but during your day as well. You may receive insights while driving, taking a shower, when in the bath and even during a workout. The latter two, are where I have learned to be prepared and now I have whiteboard markers in my bathroom and doodle on the tiles! In the picture below, you will see some notes I wrote during and after my workout. An important insight was to recuperate and redeem parts of myself and my identity that I valued but intentionally or unintentionally had to let recede in the background! I celebrate that GOAT (gifts of awakening today!)

Today’s GOATS

This morning, I woke up after focusing on the I of MIRACLE i.e. imagination. However, I didn’t quite get to my the actual practice last night, and this can happen. My plan was to use my miracle questing to explore how to use my imagination to boost my practice – but I hadn’t selected a ‘practice’ for attention. I had an inkling that it would be useful for my movement (mental rehearsal) or my writing, particular writing projects, etc.

A residual effect of my first night’s focus on MOVE, is that I finally felt inspired to put some order to my Wednesday workout log. Here it is…

MIRACLE Wednesday
MIRACLE Wednesday

This morning, nevertheless yielded a powerful dream, that I was aware of myself processing even as I was dreaming. I woke up with a strong impression of a painting I had painted in my dream (I am an artist). It was recognisable as my work but different enough to count as a new series. It was hanging in a gorgeous cafe. I received another message about receding parts of oneself. This time, it was about my identity as an Artist.

By choice as a way to navigate current circumstances, I have put my actual painting career on hold, recently dabbling on a small canvas and then letting it be. Funny enough, at the gym this morning, the topic of me as an artist came up and I mentioned the dream to someone. She encouraged me three times in that short conversation to ‘paint!’. It came out as a directive, as if she had walked out of my dream. The dream was a herald only to be echoed again in my real life by a human Herald!


I know I can take my dream and a question about painting again to my MIRACLE questing tonight. Fortunately tomorrow is rest day, so I won’t focus on MOVE. I am committing to take the “R” of MIRACLE i.e. Read & Reflect to my MIRACLE questing tonight. I will play around with a few formulations of the miracle question and some ‘wonders’.



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