MIRACLE Challenge Day 9


Yesterday, on Day 8, I shared the idea and practice of MIRACLE Questing, by answering ‘YES’ to the Miracle Question. I introduced this as a 7 Day Challenge in the April Challenge. Priding myself on my devotion to walking my talk, I focused on ‘M’ i.e. MOVE in the MIRACLE routine & rituals acronym. First my plan…

Miracle Quest to MOVE
Miracle Quest 9 April 2019

This is a quick sketchnote representation of the practice shared yesterday, with the focus on boosting one’s movement success in your day to day life.

Morning MIRACLE Routine & Ritual

Here is an example of my miracle journal aka insight journal using TAB i.e. Thoughts, Actions and Beliefs to help you focus your energies and manifest better. These are some of the miracles I woke up to.

MIRACLE TAB: Thoughts, Actions, Beliefs
MIRACLE TAB: Thoughts, Actions, Beliefs

Embracing the Miracle

Change is the miracle, and most significantly, being the change is the greatest and most worthy miracle of all. I woke up feeling the change and after doing my miracle journal, felt inspired and energised. Here is my MOVE  for this 9th Day of the April Miracle Challenge. I used to regularly do this workout W.O.C = Work Out Challenge, until August 2018, when I made room for intensive training in Krav Maga and Boxing. Since mid. February, I was ready for a change. The idea was to take that heroic adventure, allow it to change how I see myself and bring this new perception back into my ‘everyday’ life and living. During training, the insights continue to flow and you might find it handy to have pen and paper at hand.


Notes on Combo, Renegade Row, Halo Workout Challenge

Combo refers to a burpee combo, renegade row is another combo integrating man-makers and superman burpees, and finally halos is with a KB. It’s not about the details of the movements, it’s more about what would be a challenge for you and help you live your potential!

I experienced some AHA! moments regarding redeeming oneself, reclaiming parts of you that you love and served you that you allowed to recede in the background, or that receded in the background unintentionally. These acts of recovery and reconnection are miracles! Open your heart and return this good back to yourself.

Reading & Reflection

A great article on Taking in the Good, with Rick Hanson



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