MIRACLE Challenge: Day 7

The MIRACLE Roundabout

Living one’s MIRACLE habits is a lifestyle and a lifetime commitment. To show up daily demands that we do what is in our power to keep it interesting. What can be more BadAss than bringing your creativity into the picture. It will help you feel more committed, express yourself, and keep your practices fresh and new. How do you like the MIRACLE Roundabout way for a change?

Miracleroundabout7aprilToday is the 7th day of my MIRACLE April Challenge. This is a great day for check-in. Ideally, one wants to check in daily. I am content with having done brief check-in’s of this kind during the week and my goal is to at least once a week get to the ‘formal’ daily check-in. Questions to ask yourself are:

  • What went well?
  • What ONE thing will I do differently tomorrow?
  • ONE lesson I learned is…
  • One NEW THING I did today…
  • Did I do my BEST today to make today COUNT?

Instead of counting the days, make TODAY COUNT


miraclememomove7aprilIt’s not always doable to write memo’s for all one’s daily habits. Sometimes, one can only get to one memo, and that’s great. It’s never about perfection or being good. It’s about doing one’s best in the context of one’s circumstances. Sometimes, especially over time, all one needs is to refresh one memo (Three to Thrive), here and there. Hang onto your memos and use them as puzzle pieces or menu items, you can move around. I love acronyms and find it meaningful to name my workout challenges W.O.C’s. My Sunday W.O.C. is called SCRIPT, which reminds me of my intention to be self-determined instead of being victim to circumstances. I choose to be self-scripted – also referred to as ‘unscripted’ because no one else is writing my script.

This is what my script workout looks like.

S-C-R-I-P-T: Sunday W.O.C

scriptwocsunday7aaprilI am very fascinated with the idea of Bullet Journals, which believe it or not, I only heard about 2 or 3 weeks ago! Over the years, I have played with different formats, and see how closely they resemble what I see about Bullet Journals online. I am slowly finding my own way and seeing how to make more of a working system out of it, while sustaining room for creativity and flexibility!



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