MIRACLE Challenge: Day 6

THREE TO THRIVE: Priority Actions


I am playing with the idea of ‘sending’ myself MIRACLE Memos, as part of my evening routine, already selecting the three actions I will focus on as part of my miracle routine the next day. I am finding that this sends a message to my subconscious and works as a promise I am making to myself. I make the AGREEMENT with self, choose to affirm that I am the kind of person who keeps her promises to herself and accept these actions as an inevitability!

This way, the next day, I wake up primed to make it work. Read here what Brian Tracy says of this habit of choosing 3 actions from a list of actions… The Law of Priorities

My Day 6 MIRACLE Routine

Everyday is a MIRACLE


I have expanded my L of MIRACLE to more officially embrace the idea of lists and logs. This embraces habits such as keeping logs to track your habits and works wonderfully with workouts and food logs, amongst others.

MIRACLE Weekly Check-In

A daily check-in gives one the opportunity to track one’s progress, notice what’s going well and plan for the next day. At the end of the week, on the second last day, when I still have a chance to make up for any shortfalls, I do a weekly check-in.

This day 6, check-in is more comprehensive than the daily one and focuses on commitments for week ahead. Count it as part of your read and reflection, and as your TA DA! checklist. It helps to see it as a SUCCESS log!

MIRACLE Weekly Check-in
MIRACLE Weekly Check-in


How can I reinforce the parts of my IDENTITY that serve me and unshackle myself from the pieces that no longer work for me?


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