Tracking my MIRACLE Habits

Have Fun with memo sheets!

Tracking your MIRACLE habits does not have to be a chore. Give yourself permission to let it be fun. I bring my creativity into play and experiment with various things. Because the MIRACLE acronym can be represented through color coding, it lends itself phenomenally well to this kind of play. Each MIRACLE category is represented by a color of the rainbow. In this way, simply writing any movement related aspect on red paper, is easy to organise and reference back, write insights, new plans, even what went well and changes to make. These moveable sheets of paper makes it easy for check in, and to carry around in a small notebook or plastic (transparent) envelop or any other way you wish.

Use your memo notes to scribble your TO DO and to check off the boxes, creating your own TA DA! list as you go along.

E= Embrace CHANGE

You will notice I changed E=embrace the evening, electronics out, for Embrace Change. When MIRACLE referred only to my evening ritual, it was about the evening, turning off screens and generally being aware of ones choices regarding social media curfew at night and seizing the opportunity to enjoy a new part of ones day. Now that I have decided to use MIRACLE for morning and evening routines, I expanded the “E” to be more all embracing. It now represents, the change from day to night, from one sort of activity to next, and again, from night to day when one wakes up. In the morning it reminds you, perhaps you wish to extend your social media curfew and enter a self-care segment first. Extend this perhaps to a little work if you are a writer, for example, or any other priority you have before you turn your attention to social media and fun surfing.

Creating the Embrace Change category has made me more aware of the changes I am making in all areas of my life, and not only day to night and night to day. It makes me conscious of changes I am already embracing, and changes I would like to see. It also directs my attention to where I can more fully embrace changes I have initiated so they become more firmly established as a NEW NORMAL!


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